U of O - ADM2302 - Business Analytics- Exam Prep

Course Description

Introduction to business decision models covering all material in ADM2302 including Linear Programming, Transportation Problems, Sensitivity Analysis, Goal Programming, Integer and Binary Programming, CPM, PERT.

Upcoming Review Sessions

Final Review
Taught By: Michael Sinclair
The Reviews will take place via online streams taking place during the times below. There will be limited space and it will be first come first serve.

Webinar #1 - Sat Dec 5th, 2-5pm
Webinar #2 - Sun Dec 6th, 2-5pm
Webinar #3 - Wed Dec 9th, 2-5pm

To Register:

1) The cost is $120 per course for all three sessions. This will be the only option.

2) If your e-transfer is accepted, you are registered for that course.

3) Once the e-transfer is sent, there will be NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

4) Info for e-transfers:

TO: kastars@hotmail.com
PASS: SITE99 (If Needed)
DESCRIPTION: Please include your name, email and the course you are registering for. *If for some reason you are not able to put a description, send me an email providing this information.

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