U of O - ADM2303 - Stats 1 - Exam Prep

Course Description

Introduction to stats covering all material in ADM2303 including, probability theory, expected value, descriptive statistics, binomial, poisson, exponential, geometric, hypergeometric, Z-scores, T-scores.

Upcoming Review Sessions

Final Review
Taught By: Michael Sinclair
The Reviews will take place via online streams taking place during the times below. There will be limited space and it will be first come first serve.

Webinar #1 - Sat Dec 5th, 7-10pm
Webinar #2 - Sun Dec 6th, 7-10pm
Webinar #3 - Thu Dec 10th, 6-9pm

To Register:

1) The cost is $120 per course for all three sessions. This will be the only option.

2) If your e-transfer is accepted, you are registered for that course.

3) Once the e-transfer is sent, there will be NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

4) Info for e-transfers:

TO: kastars@hotmail.com
PASS: SITE99 (If Needed)
DESCRIPTION: Please include your name, email and the course you are registering for. *If for some reason you are not able to put a description, send me an email providing this information.

Helpful Course Materials


Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for the session. I found it very helpful! It was good to review the whole course in 3 hours.

However, some feedback: several of my friends and I have found your cheat sheet to be lacking a lot of the post-midterm material and we've had to add onto yours. This is something you might want to take into consideration for the next session.

Once again, the session was awesome!


Hi Agnes, Over the years they have focused a lot more on things like Z-Stats and T-Stats in ADM2303 then they use to. They have also added topics like grouped data that may not have been taught when you took the course. The cheat sheet has been updated to reflect these changes and now includes all this material. All the best!

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to thank you for tutoring me and I thought I would let you know that I ended up with a B in stats. Hopefully you will be able to tutor me next semester as well lol. Anyways thanks again and have a great summer.


You're very welcome Stephanie, glad to hear you did well, See you next semester!

Hey Michael,

Just wanted to say thanks for the review sessions, you were a great help.

Have a good one.


Your very welcome Alex, Best of luck on your exam!


Just wanted to say thanks for a great review session. It definitely helped!

I hope you will be doing the same thing for stats II.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Hi Marie, your very welcome, and yes, I will see you next semester. Happy Holidays!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for a really helpful review session today for Stats I. Just curious, do you also do review sessions for Stats II? If so, will you be providing one this summer?

Thanks again,


Your very welcome, I will make sure to contact you regarding a Summer session for Stats 2. Have a great summer!

Mr. Sinclair:

Just wanted to thank you for the seminars. They were of great help and I feel better prepared to write this exam. Much appreciated.



Your Welcome Matt, I am sure you will do great on the exam!