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Review covers all material in ADM2304 including, parametric and non-parametric tests, chi testing, ANOVA testing, correlation and regression. Students will also be taught how to differentiate between the different tests.

Upcoming Review Sessions

Final Review
Taught By: Michael Sinclair
The Reviews will take place via online streams taking place during the times below. There will be limited space and it will be first come first serve.

Webinar #1 - Fri Dec 4th, 7-10pm
Webinar #2 - Mon Dec 7th, 2-5pm
Webinar #3 - Wed Dec 9th, 7-10pm

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1) The cost is $120 per course for all three sessions. This will be the only option.

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3) Once the e-transfer is sent, there will be NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

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I enjoyed the 6 hours of Stats you taught. Very well prepared, very well presented. You have it organized better than anyone could possibly do. I saw things so much more in perspective than I remember. You are teaching to an exam, which is exactly what the students want. 90% of them are only interested in surviving the material. The chap that I was there with is very much in that position.

I studied another area of math, and took probability, statistics, game theory, etc. all as electives, instead of arts courses, which I really did not like.

One suggestion. Teach your course a little earlier, before exams begin, so they have time to digest it. In this way, they won't be plugging and playing as much, maybe there will actually be some real understanding, and hopefully some more appreciation for the subject. I do not quite understand the Business faculty's emphasis on math as much as it certainly seems, because I have taught both Calculus and Linear Algebra to my players. Also, it seems over the years the math skills of those that I have helped are going in the wrong direction, they are getting weaker, not stronger.

Any of my other players who find themselves in the position of having to take this course, I will be referring them to your efforts. Do you teach the first half part, if so, it maybe useful for them to see that also? What are you doing as a student/academic yourself? I certainly hope you plan on instructing. You are good!

If you would like to use this as an endorsement, please do so.

For now,

Paul Carson,
PEng, PhD Flight Technical, Commercial Flight Standards Transport Canada, Place de Ville (AARTF)

Thanks Paul! Each semester I take a look at the exam schedule and do my best to hold the review sessions when there are no other 2nd year ADM exams. My preference is to hold the reviews 7-10 days prior to the stats exam, but sometimes the exam schedule does not let me do so. All the Best!


This is Andree, i went to your two reviews sessions. I just wanted to say thanks, they really helped me. Anyways hope your exams are going well. Thanks again.


Hi Andree, Glad to hear the sessions helped. All the best on your exams!

Hi Mike,

So the stats marks are in, and I just thought I'd let you know that I went from an F to a B. I just wanted to thank you for your time and assistance in this difficult class, I don't think I could have done it without your help.

Thanks again!


Well done Erin!!! Glad I could help, but I am sure your time devoted to studying played a big role as well. Best of luck going forward with your studies!


Thanks for the tutorial it was very beneficial


Your very welcome Farris, best of luck going forward!

Hey Mike,

Just letting you know I killed the Stats 2 final. Now time for BDM..


Awesome Tim! Glad I could help. Goodluck on your BDM exam as well!